Your name, their brand, one product

A handcrafted Swiss watch or a pair of perfectly fitting jeans are valuable possessions but none of them are our most personal possession. That title goes to our "name".

Our name is the most personal thing we own. It's our unique identity. Catching our names across products adds a sense of attachment and a layer of excitement around products.

Companies have realized the importance of coupling their products with personal aspects of the consumers and have leveraged this strategy to gain significant returns.

Coca-Cola :

The concept behind the "Share a Coke" campaign across Australia involved swapping out the well recognized red branding across Coke bottles with 150 most popular names in Australia. This is called a debranding strategy.

The campaign was an instant success with a significant rise in sales. There was a surge in social media conversation which gave Coke free advertising and coverage.

As a result of this campaign, Coke sold over 250 million named bottles in a country with under 23 million inhabitants. Coke experienced phenomenal success and decided to expand this campaign across the globe by including

country-specific names.

Onesta :

An Italian cafe specializing is pizzas, Onesta was suffering from a common problem in the restaurant industry - the weekday crisis. The footfall took major dips over the weekdays.

To tackle this problem, Onesta partnered with "PlanB" a branding and advertisement company.

The strategy was to use social media and the most personal possession, our name, to launch the #NameoftheWeek campaign. Every week, 4 letters were put out and people with a combination of these 4 letters in their name could claim a free meal.

Onesta and PlanB understood that the percentage of people who would come alone to claim their meal was significantly lower than the percentage of people who asked their friends/family to tag along. These tag-along friends who paid for the meals compensated for one free meal.

If you really look at it, the #NameoftheWeek campaign is essentially a buy one get one free strategy worded differently.

The results were very similar to what Coke experienced. Onesta's weekday(Wednesday) footfall shot up by 550% and conversations, engagement across social media platforms surged significantly.


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