The SUPREME theory of Hype Branding

With its eye-catching logo, limited product releases and artist collaborations Supreme has transitioned from a small skateboarding store to a $1billion streetwear company.

Typically, you visit the supreme website and enter your basic information, then they let you know if you have been selected to stand in the line. A few days later the company will notify you of the time and store to report to. This creates a buzz around the product.

Supreme's "drop strategy" also includes a one limit per style rule. This means if a shirt comes out in black, red you can get it only in one color and if you want it in another color you need others to stand in the line.

Supreme started to pick up speed in the mid to late 2000s. This was attributed to what is called the “Kanye effect”. Supreme had released a pair of sneakers in collaboration with Nike which retailed for $150, but when Kanye was pictured wearing these, the resale price shot up to $800.

The price sores when the products sell out and no more are available due to the limited supply. Many brands are using this strategy to generate hype around their products which makes people feel they are part of something exclusive.


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