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An often understated strength of an e-commerce platform is its seller network. While a lot of importance is given to the customer experience, the seller experience is not usually known as it does not concern the everyday customer.

However, e-commerce giants are aware of the fact that the seller base is a crucial aspect of their business model. Amazon India has over 5 lakh sellers and retention of these sellers on its platform is as critical as roping in new sellers every day.

In an attempt to strengthen the connection between its sellers and customers, Amazon has launched "StoryBoxes".

Eagerly waiting for that crisp brown box from Amazon which we can tear into is something we all have experienced. Recently, Amazon India started adding a few things to this cardboard packaging.

Many cardboard packaging boxes now showcases seller stories.

"What unites people? Gold? Flags?





There's nothing in the world more powerful than a good story."

- Tyrion Lannister.

The "StoryBox" strategy is centered around empowering the sellers. Inspiring and successful stories described by the sellers themselves are printed over the packing along with the seller's face designed using QR codes.

Each time a customer receives his/her order in one of these boxes, they are drawn to reading these stories (the reason being that customers are curious to see something different on an otherwise plain boring brown box). The story revolves around how Amazon has changed the seller's life. These inspiring stories which talk about the seller and their products have an underlying intent. With these stories, Amazon wants to lead its customers back to their site and browse through that seller's products.

"StoryBox" campaign is also successfully showing how Amazon India deeply cares about its sellers.

With the amount of data Amazon has, the possibilities are endless.

Here's a scenario - Amazon knows what's in your cart and what products you might be interested in. The next time you order something from Amazon, your order is inside a box with a story that involves a seller selling one of the products you are interested in but haven't bought yet.


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